A REAL sense of community!- Adriana

2017-06-04 18.00.29.jpg

On 05/30 we went for a walk around Vryground. We were able to see community organizations that provide resources to youth children and women. Walking through the streets demonstrated the immense sense of community among everyone here. Foundations such as the Sozo foundation help youth with their homework after-school with tutoring and offering materials such as textbooks that families’ may not be able to afford. Vryground, as well as, Langa, are communities working to uplift itself by preparing youth to sustain themselves and stay out of the streets. The community partners work together to prepare youth as baristas, mechanics, hairdressers, among other entrepreneur professions.

Reflecting on the community environment I couldn’t help but contrast with how our community works in the States. For the most part, our society values individualism which at times hinders the opportunity to build a strong community. In Vryground, community building was very visible and made me think about how I can bring this sense of community within the work I do in my everyday job.

Going forward in this amazing trip I look forward to learning more from the teachers and community. I am really excited to be surrounded by a community that is centered on uplifting each other. I hope that bringing my experiences from working with previous communities will help me make an impact in the creches I am working with.


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