Welcome Back to Cape Town

It feels so good to be back in Cape Town, South Africa for the second time. For me, it is such a privilege to back in the Mother City and share new memories, exploring this wonderful city, and working alongside the True North staff, with other ECE educators from San Francisco State University.

2017-06-04 18.00.29

For some of us, we have now been here a week, and so much has happened since we arrived. One of the first learned experiences arriving to Cape Town, was learning about the severe drought due to lack of rain. Abu, our driver for this trip, communicated the severity of the drought and how it has affected the city as whole, and what people in Cape Town are doing to conserve water. Currently the water level restriction in Cape Town is at level 4, which restricts people for washing their vehicles, watering their garden and drinking water, etc. Now knowing the severity of the drought and water restrictions, we have been conscious of our water usage at our homestay.

Furthermore, during our first week, we have visited different areas in Cape Town, but one of the most memorable moments was during our True North orientation in Vrygrond, which is the township we’re volunteering in. Although this is my second year volunteering for True North, it is powerful to see what they are doing for the community of Vrygrond. During our 2-day orientation, True North shared their vision and purpose, and took us on a small tour in Vrygrond. Tamia, who is part of True North staff, took us on the walking tour of Vrygrond and shared how the community is developing on its own, due to the lack of support of the government. When Tamie took us around Vrygrond, it was powerful to witness her love for this community, which defines True North’s vision and purpose, to provide choices and opportunities for young children and their families that reside in Vrygrond through the foundation of Love.


Cynthia Romero


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