Feelings from across the world

South Africa, I can’t believe I’m actually here and feel as I’m still comprehending that I am across the world and away from all that is familiar to me. After my first couple of days here and touring Langa, District six and working in Vrygond I found myself praying at night. Praying for the strength and courage to approach another day in the creches and also to have the ability to internalize the reality of those living in the townships. I find it difficult to intake an comprehend the circumstances the townships endure, each individual township is struggling and the government has completely turned their back on them. However, the sense of community the townships have is remarkably strong and is united. For example after a visit to the park with my creche a little girl who was unattended by an adult and about two or three followed us back to the creche. My principal took the initiative to walk through the neighborhood questioning individuals where she lived or if they had known the little girl. Right there and then the little girl became the communities baby as everyone attempted to guide us to the home of the child. I was took back a child/baby was left unattended at the park, but also amazed how every individual we passed was able to assist us in finding the child’s home. This further proved to me the strong sense of community within Vrygrond. 

Working in the creches is quite the reality check compared to working in preschools in the states. However, like every preschool each of my two creches differ in various ways such as: the amount of children, the experience of the teachers and the amount of languages spoken by both the teachers and children. Although there are differences between both my creches the sense of passion for children and the desire to teach is seen and felt. After my first day in the creche I felt like I was back in a position of student teaching, I was nervous and uncertain of my knowledge. My goal for the end of that week was to regain my confidence in teaching and be able to implement my knowledge of the field. Come the end of the week, I indeed felt like I had achieved my goal as I was able to read through the curriculum and successfully with my partner able to create a gross motor activity that the children seemed to enjoy. Both me and my partner discussed the best and easiest way to create an obstacle course inside the creche that the teachers can implement once we leave. Both the principal and teacher seemed to take interest in the activity and I explained that it could be implemented differently in order to accommodate their needs. Its only a start and I can’t wait to see the progress that is achieved by the strong relationships being formed with the teachers. 



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