Time in the Creches


We’ve been working on the creches for the past three weeks and I’ve had the opportunity to work at two sites. One of them which I worked with last year, VCCC, and the other which is new, Little Angels. For both of these sites, I been focusing on getting to know the teachers and building relationships with them, and getting to know their teaching style.

Having the opportunity to work at VCCC for the second time I have been able to see improvements within the center. I have also witnessed how much it means for the teachers and children to see a familiar face for the second time. This helps us continue working on strengthening the relationships between the teacher I worked with last year and myself.

From my observations I have noticed that the one of teacher’s teaching style is very authoritative which is different from mine. Personally I am a very emotionally engaging with children which is my style of teaching in my own classroom. However, even though we are teachers, through this program we are entering a classroom environment that is not our own; therefore, I constantly keep in mind that I am not the children’s primary teacher. Thus, I want to continue working on learning and understanding the ideologies of the teachers and sharing my own perspectives and experiences.


In the second creche, I have observed how the teacher at Little Angels is very passionate about the children she serves and how she considers them as her own children. Though this creche is new, and there still needs more improvements, the teacher at this site has been very welcoming towards my partner and I, and is very eager to share ideas about teaching young children. My goal for this creche is to continue to uplift the teachers and what they do for the children, while also focusing on continuously communicating with the head teacher.

By constantly being mindful that I am not here to teach, but to share and brainstorm ideas alongside with the teachers I have the honor to work with, I am learning about the importance of stepping back and observing, and being humble.

Cynthia Romero


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