Mixture of Emotions

In the past three weeks so much has occurred. We we’re kept from work due to a storm in the Western Cape, kept from work again because of a taxi strike, one of my co-teachers in the creche was affected by a fire and sadly the loss of one of True North’s employees. Although, besides being kept from work none of this directly affects me it touches my heart and gives me a lot to process. With that being said I feel as if I have a heavy heart and need to cry. I can’t quite explain the meaning of my tears; however, I do know they are tears of sadness as I feel I am unable to contribute enough during this short time period. They are also tears of triumph, I am across the world applying my knowledge of Child Development and not only providing support for the teachers in my creches but also obtaining new experiences to apply in my classroom back in the States. Finally, they are tears of joy the smiling faces I come across by the children and teachers is amazing and heart warming.


Although I have experienced a lot in the past three weeks, I feel as my family, especially my parents, are being affected by my absence. I want to show them gratitude in supporting me in my decision to make this journey to South Africa. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity and to have the love and support of my family, I look forward to sharing every part of this experience.

Jeannine Garnica


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