The colors of the rainbow

We’ve passed the halfway point of our stay here in Cape Town and I wish that my time here and presence make a difference in someone, there are many children and people that have made a difference in me. I look forward to continue working in the creches with the teachers and children. There is where I want to make a difference, a child to feel safe or a teacher to learn something from my approach.

Last week was Father’s Day and I spoke to my children over Skype, it was wonderful seeing them, but I miss them greatly. I got a card from the group that made my day, and reminded me of some of the qualities people see in me.

Over the weekend, we took a 4 day trip on the “Garden Route” it was impressive to see wild animals and nature that way, raw and magestic. It was a little rough being on the road and sleeping at different places, but it gave us the opportunity to meet new people and see a lot in a few days.

Over the past two weeks, we have missed few days in the creches because of a taxi strike. The politics involved in things like that hardly make sense to me, but if they are protesting, there must be a valid reason. We just don’t go when that happens, twice now.



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