Back in the Crèches

This week we were finally able to go back into the crèches. I was really excited to be back, but also a little reluctant because we had missed a full week. I think the week we missed was crucial to relationship building with the teachers and getting a lot of work done. When I got back to VCCC, I found out that was my last week to work with my co-teacher. She will be out for the rest of our time here. This made me really sad because she has taught me a lot about life in Vrygrond. I really enjoyed my time with her, and felt we were building a good relationship. I have always felt really comfortable at VCCC, with both the teachers and children. But this week I was getting back in the groove of things, taking more initiative and building relationships with the children.

We made a lot of progress at this crèche as well this week. We learned that one of the teachers left all of a sudden. The volunteer teacher is now the new teacher. I think this was really overwhelming for her because it was not apart of her plan. We could tell that she was really stressed. It was great that Mane was able to help out this week. Mane observed one of the children there with special needs. We worked on ways to help the child feed herself independently. Mane even made a special spoon for her. The teacher also seemed really stressed because there is an infant there who requires a lot of attention and she is by herself with around 15 kids. Adriana and I showed her how she can integrate the infant with the other children in the classroom. We were able to set him up on a mat with some toys. This went really well and other kids even began playing with him. Having this child be able to play independently is important so the teacher can do activities with the older children.

I was really happy with how the make and take training went. I was able to assist Bright Morning Star with creating materials. This was really exciting because this crèche just opened, and they are still setting up their classroom. The materials we created will be some of the first visuals they will have in their new classroom. I really enjoyed seeing the teachers participating in the activity, they seemed really proud of their work. I’m looking forward to this upcoming week at Bright Morning Star. I hope we are able to finish helping them set up their classroom.



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