At the other side of the rainbow

This is the last stretch of my presence at the creches. I’m really gonna miss the teachers and specially the children. I am taking many lessons about patience, individuality, resourcefulness, and hope. I’ve given a lot of love to these children which makes departing from them less dolent. I am also taking many of them in my heart -if my plans to take one home fails 🙂

Time passed quickly and I feel that I got to know a lot about the teachers, the passion for education and their push of the makers of the future forward for a better world. From the children, I am impressed for their ability to wait, the thirsts for action. Their level of compassion towards each other and connectedness while sharing small spaces to play, eat, and sleep. I’ve admired abilities being demonstrated by these children, in an environment of scrap parts, dirtiness, and surrounded by danger, that would take decades for typical children to learn and act.

But everything is not black and white, or bad. In the middle of everything, there is still uniqueness in every child. Ready to encounter risks by expressing their inner genius, their creativity, authenticity that will stay in my heart. I think nature (God) placed our uniqueness in the inside and made it a challenge to find, courage needed to express it, and when I see every child for what valuable resources they have make them memorable. I find hope for Vrygrond, South Africa, and humanity.



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