My South African Family

Last week I touched on the topic of my family and how their support impacted my opportunity to be here. Well for this blog I wanted to express both my appreciation and gratitude for my Africa family. Due to continuous taxi strikes the creches were closed for a week. Therefore, I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my Africa family (housemates). It saddens me to acknowledge that we are more than half way through this journey in Cape Town and I’m hoping the journey with my new found family will continue. I have learned to trust and value each of my housemates and appreciate each culture and personality each brings to the house and into the creches. Not only has my love for them grown, but so has my love for our host Shireen and her family as well as our driver Abu.

I take comfort in turning to my Africa family for support whether I’m struggling after a difficult day at the creche or dealing with the lack of communication with specific relatives back home. Prior to coming to South Africa the relationship with my pops was strained and has continued to be strained, fortunately for me my family here has provided me with love and support. I am incredibly grateful to have been introduced to these individuals and blessed to spend two months with them.



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